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The MultiGood MicroGridLAB (MG2lab) is an experimental Low Voltage rig operating in the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano since 2018 in collaboration with ENGIE EPS.

The MG2lab includes programmable and non-programmable generation units (solar PV modules, natural gas fired combined heat and power engine), different types of storages (electrochemical batteries, bi-directional powerto-gas system and thermal storages) and various types of loads representative of the most future on- and off-grid applications for MultiGoods MicroGrids (electricity, heating and cooling, desalination, electric bikes and electric cars).

The MG2lab has three power centers which serve as power hubs and local controllers.
They ensure the electrical and logical connection between all MG assets, reproduce the electrical effect of long distribution lines in between the PCs and connect/disconnect to the main electrical grid.
A Programmable Logic Controller oversees real-time MG management and monitoring based on the deployed EMS.

This experimental setup is an effective testbench for developing innovative Energy Management Systems, implementing Artificial Intelligent tools in the MG management and load/RES forecast, testing innovative components and integrating Electric Vehicles with bidirectional power flows (from grid to vehicle and vehicle to grid) in the MG management.


Innovative optimization

Isolated microgrids


Microgrids with multi-goods